Hedge Trimming

The Tree Company provides professional hedge trimming services to shape hedges, topiary, and shrubs in residential and commercial settings. We work on all shapes, sizes and heights of hedges and have the experience and equipment to whip your hedge back into shape!

If left unattended, hedges can revert back to their natural form and potentially cannot be restored to their original shape. We recommend routine hedge maintenance as the key to sustaining a healthy and beautifully manicured hedge. Hedges benefit from regular pruning as it stimulates new growth and trimming of established hedges is vital in keeping them dense and compact.

Hedge trimming can be a difficult process, carrying this out without the relevant experience, with inadequate equipment or at the wrong time of year can be detrimental to your hedge’s health and longevity. Our team can accurately advise what is required to manage your hedges and quote to complete all your shaping and hedging needs.