Possum Guarding

Sharing your property with possums is common for many Victorians. Whilst these natives are essential to our ecosystem, they can make nuisances of themselves by eating fruit and flowers from our gardens, damaging native and exotic trees due to overgrazing, and dwelling in our ceiling spaces or on our roofs. As possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975, restricting their access to your property and trees must be managed carefully.

The Tree Company offers businesses, municipalities, and residential landowners a low-cost solution to prevent unwanted possums and other animals from climbing and damaging trees through strategic pruning and the installation of Possum Guarding.

By placing a polycarbonate collar around the tree you wish to protect, or those trees that are allowing possums access to your roof, we can safely deter possums from visiting your property. Our clear polycarbonate possum guard ensures the tree is protected from local pests whilst retaining its natural beauty. The galvanised strip joining system is a non-invasive method of installation and is durable and easy to adjust. Assessment from one of our qualified arborists every 3 years is highly recommended, due to potential wear and tear, along with tightening of the guard as the tree continues to grow.

To find out more about our possum guarding services, please contact The Tree Company today.