Tree Health

A beautiful landscape can only be achieved by maintaining the health and vigour of the plants it contains. By combining a holistic approach to plant care with the most technologically and environmentally advanced methods, The Tree Company is able to focus on each plant's individual, seasonal needs for enduring health.

Tree Health, Pest and Disease Management

The Tree Company’s service starts with a complete inspection of your property, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the current condition of your trees and shrubs. We inform you of any existing or potential concerns and advise you of all available treatment options. We then tailor a quote to meet your specific needs and expectations, relevant to your garden.

Mycorrhizal Soil Injection

Good soil condition and nutrient content are the most important factors in the continued health of your plants. Using our state-of-the-art injection equipment, we inject Mycorrhizal (an organic growth stimulant) into the soil surrounding the tree. We inject the stimulant directly into the root feeding zone where it becomes available for absorption by your plants. This can benefits trees in poor health, alleviate soil compaction, root damage,

The plant growth promoting bacteria and fungi in the Mycorrhizal injection can benefit trees in poor health by stimulating root growth. This can assist with trees in decline, and those suffering from root damage or soil compaction. Please ask our arborist during your quotation if this service is suitable for your trees.

Stem Injection for Pest Management

Insects and disease can pose a serious threat to your landscape. While fertilisation strengthens the immune system of your plants and helps them to withstand the damaging effects of pests and disease, it will not eliminate them. We recommend a systemic stem injection every 2 years for long lasting pest and disease management. We can identify and control these and other tree pests that are commonly found in the Melbourne area: Elm Leaf Beetle, Aphids, Psyllids and Lerp, Caterpillars, Red Spider Mite, White Fly.